Sunday, January 23, 2011

Artistic Flair at Wearable Arts

On Saturday evening (22 January 2011), the Wearable Arts Festival at Rawson Hall showcased a vast array of waste products miraculously transformed into haute couture and cutting edge fashion.

This celebration is eagerly anticipated by the local residents each year. The Festival is organised by the Community Arts Society and over the years it has become a truly memorable spectacle. There are five categories of entries: recycled materials, ‘bizarre bra’, natural fibres, from the ocean or the sky - (birds / marine life) and extravagant open. The garments that are created range from underwear and sportswear to the most elaborate evening gowns. Every conceivable style, era and influence is mined to produce these flights of fancy.

Artists showed their own creations, or used a model, and whoever dis the wearing had to be prepared to ‘shake that bootay’! The music was pumping, the lights strobed, and it was up-tempo from opening curtain at 7pm, until the very last prize winner was announced.

Winner: Dress made from recycled stubbie can flip tops

Recycled material - Dress made from coffee cups

Origami dress

Dress made from paperbark

Winner: Dresses and hats made from tapa cloth

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