Imagine a place


There was no McDonalds, Pizza Hut or KFC;
Everyone waved to each other as they drove by;
You could leave your house unlocked without fear of being robbed;
You could go fishing and catch lots of fish that were healthy to eat;
Kids could walk or ride bikes safely to school without fear;
You knew and trusted all of your neighbours;
You could leave your car unlocked and the keys in the ignition;
There were no speed or red light cameras;
Your water supply was clean tank water;
There wasn’t a limit on how long you could park somewhere;
You could rent a car for under $30 per day;
Public phones were not vandalised;
The beaches were uncrowded and the water crystal clear;
You could buy a litre of your favourite spirit for $12;
The fruit and vegetables you ate were picked that day;
You could walk alone at night without fear of being mugged;
Honesty boxes were the norm and nobody stole from them;
The air was clean and there was no such thing as smog;
There were no parking meters or pay and displays;
A tradesman could visit your home without you having to be there;
Tomatoes tasted like tomatoes and not plastic;
You could always get a parking spot;
The beach was only 10 minutes away from cliff top walks and walks through natural rainforest; and
You could be as busy or as laid back as you want to be.


There were over 30 quality eating establishments;
There were top quality wines at great prices;
There were the best collection of restored Georgian buildings in the southern hemisphere on display;
The descendants from the Mutiny on the Bounty live;
One of the world’s rarest languages was still used by the locals; and
There were adventure activities including sea kayaking, mountain biking, horse riding, 4WD’ing, scenic flights and even learning to fly.

Imagine no more. Norfolk Island is that place.

(Translation into the Norf'k language by Alice Buffett)


Gat noe McDohnls, Piitsa Hat ala KFC;
Ewrebohde wief gen wan nedha es dem gwen paas;
Yu el staataut nor haew' lock yus haus ko noebohdi gwen' gu iin stiil;
Yu el gu fishen en kech plenti fish es helthiwan f' iit;
Letl salan nor haew' friyed f' work ala raid dems baik a skuul;
Yu noe en trast orl yus or nieba;
Yu el liiw yus kaa nor se loket, en em kii iin aa ignishan;
Gat noe spiid ala red lait kaemra;
Yus worta saplai es kliin taenk worta;
Naewa haed eni limit orn hau lorng yu el paak samsaid;
Yu el rent 'kaa f' unda $30 a dieh;
Dem or pablik foen nor bin vaend'laiset;
Daun orn'sehn nor s' fulap f' tuu mach salan en em worta es kristl kliya;
Yu el bai wan liita ' yus fiewret or speret f' $12;
Fruut en' vegtabls yu iit se piket daa dieh;
Yu el work yuuworn in'nait nor haew' friyed salan mait mag yuu;
Ohnesti box orlabaut en noebohdi yuus' stiil fromet;
Eya es kliinan en noe sach thing es' smohg;
Gat no paaken miita ala pieh en' or displieh sain;
Dem triedsman el gu werk in yus haus dumain yu nor deya;
Tumaatus tiyes semes 'tomaatus en nort 'plaestik;
Yu el orlwes get' paaken spot;
Daun orn' sehn uni ten menets wieh from em kliftop work enem work thruu daa naechrel rienfohres; en
Yu el bii es bisi ala es hili es yu suuna.


Gat mordan 30 kwohliti said f' iit;
Gat' top kwohleti or wain et' griet or prais;
Gat d'baes k'lekshan ' d' baes se ristoret of Jorjan or bilding iin d' sadhan hemisfiya orn shoe;
Dem or disendent 'daa Myuutni orn d' Baunti lew;
Wan 'd werlds reyares laengwij stil yuuset bai d' loekls; en
Gat' edvencha thing f'duu inkluuden sii kaiyaeken, maunten baiken, raiden 'hors, 4WD'en, siinik flaiyen en iimn lernen watawieh f'flai.

Dubaagen noe mor. Norf'k Ailen es aa said.