Would you like to learn a little of our language, Norf'k?

The Norfolk language, Norf'k, is a mix of old English and Tahitian that came about on Pitcairn from the 1790s as a way for the English mutineers and their Tahitian men- and women-folk to communicate.

It is still used today, with 50 people speaking it every day on Pitcairn, and over 500 using it on Norfolk Island.  It is taught in our school too.

It has been recognised by Unesco as an endangered language, and much work is being done to ensure the language survives.  For example, it is taught at the Norfolk Island Central School, and in 1999 a dictionary for the language was published.

As well, a series of simple lessons have been recorded and published on Norfolk Online, so if you would like to hear the language, and teach yourself to talk Norf'k, click here.  Enjoy!