Sunday, November 14, 2010

Round the Island Relay 2010

What a day it was on Sunday for the 2010 'Round the Island Relay'.  Over 50 people participated - some ran the entire course, others walked, some ran and walked, and more were part of a team who shared the load.  And some did it their way .... (see right)

This year the course was from the convict compound at Kingston; to the school via Driver Christian Road; to Prince Phillip Drive via Cascade and CockPit Reserve; through the National Park to Captain Cook Reserve; to Puppy's Point; to 100 Acres; back to Kingston - 25 kilometres all up.

Everyone finished and all enjoyed a cold drink and a sausage sizzle to end a memorable event.

Kingston was magnificent

The winning runner - Alan McNeil

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wa'a Tefauroa launched

On Sunday Norfolk Island's first Wa'a outrigger was christened and launched at Emily Bay.  The venture to build the wa'a was begun by John Christian and Tihoti (George Barff).  Local Jason Chubb built the vessel based on plans provided by our relations in Tahiti.

The wa'a Tefauroa and local Tahitian dancers
The wa'a was named Tefauroa.  This has great significance for Norfolk Island, because it is the Tahitian name for Point Venus, that place in Tahiti that was first sited by Bligh on HMS Bounty on 26 October 1788.  This landing on Tahiti lead to the Mutiny on the Bounty, the settlement on Pitcairn Island of the mutineers and their Tahitian partners in 1790, and the eventual relocation of the Pitcairners to Norfolk Island in 1856.

Tefauroa prior to the launch celebrations
Tihoti christening the wa'a with a 'conch shell' in the traditional Tahitian way
Being entertained by local singers overlooking Emily Bay
The wa'a at its first sea trial on Emily Bay