Monday, February 28, 2011

Visit of Europa

Today Norfolk Island welcomed 300 German visitors.

They landed on Norfolk from the Europa, that moored of Kingston, to a magnificent Norfolk autumn day.  The visitors went fishing, shopping, or toured around the island.  Enjoy these few photos.

THe Europa off the convict ruins at Kingston

 The Europa with Phillip Island in the background

 The reef at Slaughter Bay, looking to Emily Bay, Kingston.

Returning from fishing aboard Advance 2

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Poetry in the Park

The Community Arts Society of Norfolk Island's 10th Poetry in the Park was held today at beautiful Camelot Gardens on Rooty Hill Road.

The MC for this years event was Nicola Kennedy, who introduced 17 poets and over 20 poems, many performed in the Norf'k language.  The poems will be compiled into a blogsite in the coming weeks for you to read and enjoy - so keep an eye out for that!

Nicola introduced the evening by saying:

"Good evening, welkam and watawieh Ladies and Gentlemen.

Poetry is 'language concentrate'.  The rules are bent to allow the words to saturate our senses. 

A poem can make us laugh, make us cry, rally us to causes, make us swoon.  No other language form is as potent.

So prepare yourselves for a short evening of potent sense saturation!

Ten years ago Community Arts member Dean Johnson's vision for a community poetry evening was realised and it is continuing to delight us all still.

I think it is only appropriate to open proceedings with one simple stanza from one of the poems from that very first Poetry in the Park.  And I think you'll agree that in the light of what I've just said about poetry and sens saturation; it's absolutely spot on.  Archie Bigg remined us:

'So my friends if you eat nanwi
Take some good avice from me
Eat it early for your breakfast
Don't eat nanwi for your tea!'"

Recently at BAUNTI we met a poet from Australia who came into our office in Burnt Pine and started to recite some of his poems.  His name was Mal Castledine (with wife left).  Nicola ended this year's event with one of his poems - and a very appropriate one it was given Poetry in the Park was held in a beautiful Norfolk garden.  Thank you Mal.


There's a house and garden ... not far from here,
My memories of them are very clear.

Mrs Vidler lived there when I was small,
She planted some trees and now they're tall.

She fussed over roses, that I thought were dead,
But each summer they burst into blossom instead.

She laughed when I said, 'I hated their thorn',
She said 'You smell their perfume in the early morn.'

She was there each morning when I walked to school,
weeding the garden on her kneeling stool.

And in the afternoon when I'd walk by,
I'd complain about school and she'd give me some pie.

Birds and butterflies were always around,
When she planted some seeds or dug up the ground.

But she was never lonely ... when I think back and see ...
She had God,
She had garden,
and of course
She had me.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wellness in our world

On Norfolk Island there are masseuses who work in a room of their homes and masseuses that work in beauty salons, but Aurelia is a home that has been totally converted into a health, fitness and relaxation centre and offers the services of a masseuse. It has a beautifully paved driveway leading to dedicated parking space. It has well appointed bathroom facilities, massage rooms, exercise rooms, a flotation tank room, a sauna room and a kitchen that can provide healthy refreshments suitable to the treatments being offered. There is no other business on Norfolk that offers these facilities, not to mention the services that go with them, or even the coordinated programs that link them into full wellness experiences.

As well as the amazing facilities at Aurelia, you can enjoy a massage ... in the beautiful outdoors in The World of Norfolk.  Come on over and be pampered at Aurelia.