Sunday, April 25, 2010

What visitors have said about BAUNTI

What do you think about your Norfolk visit?  And your BAUNTI experience?  Here is what some other BAUNTI customers have said.

Dear Megan,

Many thanks for providing a wonderful week for the King William Travel group from South Australia.

The tours and guides have been excellent - but we especially wanted to show our appreciation to you for helping to make it all happen.

It has been an enjoyable, memorable week, thanks to BAUNTI - and to you!

Thank you again.

King William Travel


Dear Wally,

This is just to say a big thank you to BAUNTI ESCAPES, and especially to yourself and Nicki, for the wonderful way that you all looked after us on our recent visit to you beautiful island.

This history was so interesting and the culture, meals, and the warm hospitality of so many was amazing ... (did I mention the food!!!!!).

It was the extra attention to detail and thoughtfulness in so many ways (that we believe would be outside the realm of duty these days) that we most appreciated.

Hopefully we will be able to visit again, but in the meantime we shall be 'spreading the word' amongst our family and friends.

Well done!

Regards, Lynette and Rob L (SA)


Again a huge thank you to you and your colleagues for a wonderful holiday.

We just felt so calm while there - had that 'Aah' feeling.

Regards, Colleen and Arthur L (Dunedin)


Hi Wally and Megs, (and the other lovely people from BAUNTI).

We have just arrived back to our noisy, busy world and we just had to contact you to say how much we enjoyed ourselves and to thank you all for making it so much more memorable.  You shared your knowledge, and even more appreciated was your friendliness.  We felt like we were a part of your lovely island for a short and rewarding time.

Special thanks also to John for his patience and knowledge during the progressive dinner, and to the kind and hospitable families that made us so welcome in their homes.

Thank you again, Yvonne and Denise (Australia)

Monday, April 19, 2010

What's new at BAUNTI? Helen Reddy's World of Norfolk

Helen Reddy is a household name today thanks to songs like “I am Woman” and “Delta Dawn” and her long and amazing career. She lives in Sydney, but visits Los Angeles and Britain regularly and periodically visits her home on Norfolk Island.

Why Norfolk Island?  Helen has an incredible connection with Norfolk. She has ancestral links to each of the European settlements of Norfolk and her home is on the site of one of these – the first home of Richard Morgan.

Learn about Helen’s career, stroll through the ‘rooms’ of her amazing garden, discover the convict history of Helen’s property and her connections to Norfolk, and see a working aquaponics garden that is an example of what Helen would like to see in every home.